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D22 GNT Final , my take.

As Rick Roeder pointed out in another post I have a unique perspective being on the losing team.

The GNT final is our District premier event, it is the closest thing the district can award to a National Title. As such it behooves the District and the players to treat it as such and with the respect it deserves. In the Navy they taught me to salute the rank and not the person wearing it. I try my best to salute bridge and not necessarily the people that run it, sometimes that task is made easy sometimes less so.

I wrote some of these lines knowing the outcome of the District deliberations, which not at liberty to divulge, pre Ron Liens email. 

I am much saddened by the outcome . Not because I wanted any particular team to win this , I have mentioned before that I have players from both teams that play in my club regularly, one of them even gives a free lesson every week. Everyone concerned has great love for the game.

The district feel compelled to go with the Director declared winner of the event, they feel that even though the directions were not clear they existed and even though the VP scale was not the one many would have chosen, nor was it made public at any time during the event, this is the one the Director used so this is a real and fair bridge result.

I am saddened because the overall Directions on the part of the district was lacking, no one disputes the good intentions of Mr. Kissinger the GNT coordinator, nor the best intentions of the D22 Board, but they were at best misplaced .

I am also saddened by the notable lack of an apology within Rons email. 

I am not sure who gave Jonathan permission to post that email in its entirety, certain parts of it have little business in the public domain pre any possible hearing or discipline, redacting things seems to be a national past time here, but sometimes it is the right way. The last thing I want to see is the public trial of the Director, even if he thinks" we did not care enough" to get the results right on the day.

 The Directors field rep and the National Recorder are the bodies to deal with any bridge improprieties, putting them out there for all to see is to my mind a mistake that can only serve to make those associated wit this Fiasco circle the wagons and not enter into serious dialogue to improve upon the mistakes made.

So I will apologize here for being on the losing team and not making sure the winning team put the correct result on the ticket. There at least some one has said sorry.

 There were a litany of problems in this event, some of them have yet to be dealt with and some like the CoC were dealt with almost immediately in order to have something in place for the following week. 

Certain other things I might suggest to make this weekend more of a festival of bridge at the highest level our District can muster.

Our District owns a dealing machine, please provide at least for championship flight pre dealt boards and hand records on the second day. It is 4 sets of boards , most of the haggling about an imp here and imp there would not have been an issue if we had hand records, We are getting older , when the district send me emails about clarifying a hand 12 days after the event, you really think I remember all the spot cards?

Please Make sure the VP scale is visible and copies are placed at all table before play starts.

Please make a copy of COC and post it on wall and announce to players where it is.


Over the last 2 weeks we have worked very hard to try to get this to a fair resolution, both by working with opponents to get the scores corrected and with the District officers to get things ironed out. Remember we were the losing team.

I was asked the question directly by David Lodge our District Rep, my answer was immediate, Replay it between the other 2 teams.

For the rest I am going to write the email the District should have written

Shail Sherman BO  and Pei , we played 50 boards against you over 2 days. you played tough remember when you play in GNT you are there to represent the highest qualities of bridge and comportment our District can muster, even in the heat of battle remember it is not the winning or losing but how you play the game.

Finn I really feel for you, I know how much this stings. But your bridge future is bright, you have great mentors at home and the ability to play with so many good players at such an early stage in your career, you are going to be one of the guys we all say I knew him when.

Rick, at least my wife is happy Nadal won, sorry for your double loss.

Walter just take the day off go play Poker.

John if your going to bid 1nt on JX AQ AQJXXX JXX , try doing it on a day your partner doesn't feel the need to double opponents in 4 S.


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