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Dean Pokorny

As (almost) everyone noticed Mr.Pokorny published an offensive post about Sabine Auken(here), calling her in one of the possible responses a liar (fyi, in Israel such public accusation between two top players ended up in court for ~100,000$ in damages).

Not surprisingly (we are reasonable people after all) the poll was met with utter disapproval from bridgewinners community, and ventured a long response from Eugene Hung that amounts to a warning of ostracizing to Mr. Dean. According to that response this would not be the first or second time dean is posting in that tone. Yet Mr. Pokorny, behaving like a true nobleman argues that posting such garbage is his right, and that in fact he is enlightening us ("I'm not getting any pleasure from upsetting people,I'm getting pleasure from enlightening people and this is indeed the biggest problem here....").

Personally I was disappointed not only by Mr. Pokorny post, but by the fact that such personal attacks and slays of character apparently are not against the rules of this community, that in general I like so much. So, if only for retributionI would like to administer Mr. Pkorny some of his own medicine.

Dean is absolutely right! It is us who don't understand his majesty's divine insight
Dean's post is offensive, but not something worth a reaction
Dean's post is offensive, and should be removed, but no further actions should be taken.
Dean's post is offensive, and should be removed. All his posts should be approved by editor from now on.
Dean's post is offensive, and should be removed. Since this is not the first time Dean shows he likes to pick a fight rather than discuss bridge, he should be banned from bridgewinners.

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