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Death to all kibitzers - Vol. 1

Suppose that there is a slam game going on (not very popular) in an IMP tournament.

Suppose a kibitz explodes and shouts on the declarer "YOU HAVE TO CASH AK IT IS OBVIOUS THAT Q IS BEHIND". Kibitz saw the cards (all 4 hands for whatever reason). The declarer was weighting chances and couldn't decide - now he calls TD - he doesn't want to use additional information and he's not sure how he'd play.

Suppose it does make sense to play either way.

Suppose that the average score was +650 so: -50 makes -12 IMPs for the declarer and +1430 makes 13 IMPS for the declarer

It actually happened.

Suppose that without this one board the scores look like this:

  1. A + 50 IMP
  2. B + 49 IMP
  3. C + 48 IMP
  4. D + 40 IMP
  5. E + 39 IMP

Yeah, you guess it - the problem occurred on table between D and E.

kill the kibitz and rule +13/+12 and defend vs furious A, B and C
kill the kibitz and award +3/+3 and defend vs furious D and E
kill the kibitzz and award 50% -1 and 50% = for both sides (+0.5/-0.5 IMP) defend vs furious D and E
kill the kibitz, steal his money, buy with it 4 more gold medals and give them to D and E
run away and let them kill the kibitz
no biggie - I'll post my solution in the comment

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