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Defender asks Declarer to select the opening lead


Interested in some advice. After some competitive bidding by LHO (he bids hearts twice) I end up as declarer in 3NT with Kx as my stop.

LHO on lead carefully folds away 7 of 13 cards and places the remaining six face down on the table and asks me to select one.

It would seem that he may have something like AQJxxxx in the heart suit and he needs to find an entry to partner in order to lead through my hand before I cash 9 winners. While this analysis was not guaranteed it turned out to be correct.

The event is no world championship but is still a reasonably important event. The atmosphere was friendly and jovial. Should I?

Thanks, Stephen

Select a card and see if I can beat my own contract
Tell the leader to make his lead
Tell LHO to make his lead and to stop passing unauthorised information
Call the director to complain about LHO's conduct

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