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Demand for Teachers/Directors in Charlotte, NC

Hi all! I recently decided to return to academia after teaching and directing bridge full-time for over a year in Charlotte, NC. There is a massive, growing market for instruction at many levels (the bulk is novice-beginner, but on the other end of the spectrum, I had a wonderful group that recently started in on simple squeezes). I ran sanctioned Barometer games, taught structured classes at the CBA club (mostly 2/1, defense, etc.), and had a plethora of in-home or private groups from 1-14 students each. Some want to hire for local games or tournaments as well.

The community is amazingly supportive and loving, and it is proving very difficult to leave. They respond so well to patient, positive, original instruction, and so many have huge potential. Many are still working, or recent retirees - a noticeably younger demographic than the average ACBL age. 

I wanted to advertise this market because (a) I am feeling guilty for leaving these amazing players, and (b) I think this is a wonderful opportunity for someone else at a bit of a crossroads; just wanted to put some feelers out in case someone here is interested in a lucrative, rewarding life change.

I'd be happy to share contacts, methods, and materials. Thanks for your time!

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