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Director call in Honolulu

Playing in the final AX Swiss in Hawaii I was dealt this hand.  Axxx  x  AKJx  QJxx.  I opened 1 and my partner bid 1.  I found a 3 call, which was not alerted.  My partner bid 3 and it went all pass.  The player to my left then asked what my 3 call was and my partner said he believed it was a splinter.  The hand was played out, and after the hand was over opponents called the director to get redress for missing their heart game.  The directors initially agreed that they had been damaged and awarded them a plus score that was based on my partner and I bidding to 4 and being doubled.  On further reflection the director spoke with several people and decided that they would allow the opponents to bid 5 over our 4 sacrifice.  I have no problem with this.  They also decided that I am doubling the contract based on my AK diamonds and my spade A.  The spade doesn't cash and 5 is cold.


I realize that my splinter bid should have been alerted and that the opponents were damaged.  The players were French and said that 3 call is natural for them showing a hand weaker than a typical reverse.  


Does everyone agree with the decisions made by the directors?  She told me that she polled 4 people and they had doubled 5h with my hand.  And, does it make any difference at all that the opponents called the director after the hand was played, rather than when the bidding was complete and they recognized that they had, in fact, missed a heart game?  

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