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Director call in local club

This happened in local club (not an important tourney). S opened 1H. W over-called with 3D, and N (who didn't see it) bid 2NT* (=4-card supp, 10+, inv). West told him that it can't be bid, and that he can bid whatever he wants (without any further explanation). N now bids 4H. Pass and S calls: 4NT. At that moment W (the only expert at the table) calls TD. Decision: S have to pass. The question here is: When W allowed to N to continue bidding, without calling TD, can TD (invited when 4NT was happened) now give such decision. If TD was invited immediately - it is clear. But later!? Can it be double-shot? For example: suppose that N bid 3H, S continues with 4H and W invites TD...

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