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Director, Help!

You may think this is an April Fool's Day joke, but it did, in fact, happen.

Directing in a premier event, I was called to the table. The auction so far was:


At this point, West asks North what 3 was and North tells him it's weak.

West now turns to South and asks him if that is correct. South shakes his head and says, "No, it's not." West says, "Well, would you mind telling me what it is?" and South says, "7-9 with 4 spades." West now bids 4 and simultaneously calls for the director.

I tell West he's not allowed to ask the person who made the bid what his bid means and he says, "I didn't know that!" I turn to South and tell him he's not allowed to answer any questions about his own bids and he says, "But he asked me!"

At this point, North pipes up and asks if he's allowed to use the information he's gleaned from this conversation. No! So, North rolls his eyes and puts the pass card out reluctantly.

It gets passed back to South who starts thinking. As he's pondering life, I inform him that he's not allowed to take inference from any of the goings-on that have occurred. South says, "I didn't notice a break in tempo before my partner passed 4, did you?" I stare at him a bit dumbfounded and he says, "Or do you mean the conversation that's happened?" I nodded, still a bit speechless.

South now passed and I ran away.

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