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Directors intimidated by players

I am given ruling questions all the time. Frequently for club games i say the ruling was just to keep the regulars happy. Today i was given this auction from the king of Prussia regional. The auction for a pick up partnership was 3nt pass 6nt. Before leading dummy was asked about 3nt and told i dont know but i think 25 or more points. Declarer who had 7 solid clubs and a queen said we never discussed the bid. Now opening leader made a passive lead to let them make 7 when an agressive lead would take 3 or 5 tricks. Director initially ruled result stands no mi, but after the opening leader complained to 3 directors a new ruling of down 2 was given. After complaints from the other side a 2 way good score was assigned. I was shocked by this ruling and hate to feel directors can so easily be pressured into rulings.

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