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Directors Ruling

Are Directors rulings always cut and dried?  Or are directors at times asked to interpret the laws as best as they can?  We had a somewhat unusual situation come up at the club this afternoon. 


2D is opened and alerted as flannery, partner passes and your RHO bids 2H, you pass, and opener now bids 3D which comes back to you, you ask and RHO announces "partner must have forgotten..after calling the director director tells you to make a decision and they will look at the board then make a decision. You pass (a close decision) and play proceeds.  After scoring +200 the director rules that your side will get to 4S and be plus 420.  This turns out to be dead average as two pairs your way are +450, 4 pairs +420, one pair +200 (2 spades making 5) and 1 pair +170.

The interesting part is that the player who alerted it as flannery and bid 2H is looking at Kx, AJxxxx, xxx, xx.

Is this the correct ruling, and should your RHO be allowed to only bid 2H?


I would be curious to hear from the certified directors out, there as well as people like me....that only have an opinion

The directors ruling is correct
They should award the non-offending side an avg plus because the defense should not get a free ride to holding declared to 4
The offending side should be penalized automatically for their questionable actions.

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