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I have been testing a conventional use for 2/ in a 2/1 context and thought some discussion here might be interesting.

2/ is 10-13 and 5332 or 5422 pattern.  This has to be paired with a Multi 2 that shows a weak 2 in a major, so for those of you not allowed to play that... well poor you.

The main purpose of the 2/ opening is to make the 1/ openings more efficient / aggressive by remove the weak NT hand from the 1/ openings.  It works in conjunction with a 14-16(17)NT but is also OK with a 15-17NT.

The 2M opening is not that impressive on its own.  The other night i did get to play 2 with a balanced 11 count with 3 card support opposite when the room was light in 4 or 3.  Occasionally we get to penalize when they venture in (we play penalty X over it since no need for a take out X).  The hand is really quite weak offensively but quite good defensively with 2 cards in each suit guaranteed. 

The structure is very simple:  2NT is a game try+ hand after which 3 is min 5332 4 is max 5332 3 of a new suit is max 5422 4 of a new suit is max 5422.  A new suit at the 3 level is a transfer to the next suit up with 5+cards and game forcing values (3 shows a slam try in ) after which partner accepts with 3 cards and bid 3NT with less than 3.  3/ is a mixed raise (some shape advised) 4/ is to play.

The main value however is in the sequences over 1/.


After a 2/1 response:

A new suit promises 4 cards and generally a singleton (especially if you include semi balanced in 1NT opening).

A rebid our major promises 6.

A rebid of 2NT is are showing 18-19


After a forcing 1NT response (no need for a semi forcing NT):

A new suit promises 4.

A rebid of our major promises 6.

A rebid of 2NT could be 18-19 or some conventional meaning if you prefer.


Most importantly - When we have a fit we can raise much more aggressively knowing that partner either has 6 or 5 with a singleton.  If for example you hold 4 card support and a singleton you can predict partner has a different ssingleton to you and bid accordingly.

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