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Diversity in bridge

Has it ever occurred to you that bridge clubs on the whole are not representative of the community at large?  This might be just my impression, but I have no doubt that blacks and Hispanics are severely under-represented in the ACBL.

Firstly, do you agree?

If so, are you happy with the status quo or would you prefer to change the demographic of bridge clubs  to be more representative of the population as a whole?

Here are some suggestions which might change the situation:


1.  Bridge teachers should be subsidised (ie an incentive paid for by the ACBL) to conduct classes in areas with high concentrations of blacks and Hispanics).  This could be as simple as placing an advertisement in a newspaper in an appropriate area.  To locate such areas it is quite simple to access Census data. The cost of paying the teachers should be more than off-set by the increasing numbers of club members from these areas.

2. Secondly, the bridge clubs themselves could provide an incentive for blacks and Hispanics by providing a discount on membership.  This would be funded by the ACBL and not the clubs themselves.  The ancestry of prospective members would be self-enumerated, as is the case for the population census.  It would of course be necessary for the clubs to be audited by an appropriate ACBL representative to ensure that the system is not rorted.  However, on the whole, the ACBL membership may well increase to such a degree that there is a net gain in funds.  






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