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Do What Is Possible, Not What Is Easy

Over the past year, a lot has been written about the need for continued momentum in our fight for honest bridge. In March many of us took part in the Say No To Cheats campaign. More recently Boye Brogeland and Marion Michielsen both contributed their thoughts about the current state of affairs and where we want to go. They were met with overwhelming support from the bridge community. Today we learn that the EBL has officially declared Monaco the winner of the 2014 European championships.

We do not know how much of this was necessary due to recent legal outcomes. Neither can we forget that Monaco withdrew from the Bermuda Bowl in the wake of the revelations about Fantoni/Nunes. That said, to really move forward, we need to properly fix the past as well as the future. We believe that people do not want to see the names of convicted cheats atop leaderboards and masterpoint races. In jurisdictions where action is possible, we must have the courage to stand together and Say No To Cheats.

In the wake of these scandals, the ACBL formed a task force to uphold the integrity of bridge (of which we were both members). Many recommendations were made; some were followed, others were not. In particular, the recommendations about vacating titles were not followed, and as a result we still have many recent results tainted by cheating pairs. From a players’ perspective, the only palatable solution is that all results including cheating pairs, be nullified. Years later, we appear no closer to reaching that goal, despite the tremendous efforts of some leaders inside and outside the ACBL. We present the relevant proposal (passedunanimously by the task force in 2016) to you now, in the hope that all organizations may come together and do what is possible, not what is easy.

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