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This article is not related to any bidding, card-playing or defense, but deals with the congeniality of a partnership. Do you care if your partner says "Sorry!" when (s)he makes a big boo-boo and let the opponents make a no-play contract or when (s)he goes down on a cold contract for no reason? And would you like your partner compliment you after you make a good bid/play/switch?

Since I am a typical stoic Asian (purely tongue-in-cheek and definitely not meant to stereotype my own race), most of the time I don't care at all. I don't need my partner apologize to me when (s)he makes a mistake if (s)he knows it's definitely her/his fault. However, sometimes (s)he would make start making excuses like the mistake was caused by my carding and try to blame me. As we all know, we should discuss the board only if we have a clear misunderstanding on the bidding or defense. But when this happens and I know for sure it's not my fault, I would start arguing with my partner which is clearly detrimental to the partnership. This was part of the reason that I broke up with my ex-partner.

As for complimenting your partner, I actually think this is a very sensitive issue and depends on your partner. I myself do not need anyone  tell me, "Nice bid/play/switch!", and sometimes actually feel a bit annoyed if I thought it was routine. For the same reason, I rarely compliment my partner unless I sense my partner is somewhat insecure and needs compliments.

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