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Does anyone know this hand?

I just started rereading "Around the world in 80 hands" by Zia with David Burn.


On page 116 Zia writes about this hand:








This is a some of the cards from Par Hands Contest ( according to Zia ) in Lille 1998 where 20 world class players were playing vs. computer to solve 12 problem deals constructed by Bernasconi. The rest of the deal is not shown.


The problem was/is to get W out of the lead. If you play 8 computer says wrong, if you play 9 computer says wrong and if you play 2 computer says wrong.


The solution was/is to lead small from dummy!!?? I wonder how E-W cards are distributed to make this keep  W out of lead. So I have been closely reading and checking the book ( 56 pages with all the deals and solutions ) from this competition called Jean Besse Trophy. But I can not find any hand with this tema and solution.


Can anyone here help me? Where can I find this deal? And solution?


Thomas Berg

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