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Does UI have to be helpful to count?

At a recent event my partner South held





It was Love All, dealer West.  After he passed I opened 1 in 2nd position.  We have a specific agreement that in this position the 5 card opener will be 'sound' and South decided - rightly or wrongly - that his hand warranted a raise to game. 

East Doubled and, instead of bidding 2NT and then raising 3 to game, South mistakenly bid 2 - which would have been the 'values' 4 card raise had there not been a Double.

West asked about the alerted 2 bid and was told, correctly by the system, that it was a 'fit jump' - with invitational values only. West now passed and over North's 3 rebid, South completed his plan by raising to 4. Before the lead South told the opponents that he had made a wrong bid.

The contract was a poor one but some cards lay well and EW mis-defended, so 4 was made.  

The TD ruled that because South had UI - namely his partner thought his bid was a Fit Jump - he should not now bid 4. So the result was changed to 3+1.  This did not effect NS's standing, who won the event  anyway, but the improved score did now put EW into the prizes.

I would be grateful if people who know more about these things than I do, can advise whether UI has to be of some value to South in deciding what to do in order for an adjustment to be made and/or whether it is more appropriate to punish NS for not knowing their system and leave EW's result to stand.

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