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I attended my first real NABC in March 2012. When I say “real” it’s because I played in and won a two-session 199er event at the 2009 Washington NABC with my then-favorite partnerJason Holderness. I don’t consider that the real McCoy. Now that I’ve played a “real” NABC in that very same DC hotel, it’s fun to reminisce about where I played each time and with and against whom.

Memphis hosted the Spring Nationals in 2012 and it’s where I played my first NABC+ event, the IMP Pairs.Greg Humphreysand I played together and we nearly qualified for day two. I had to make the right play declaring a thin game against Jerry Helms and his partner and failed to do so. That would have been good enough. I remember kibitzing the young man who would be my partner for the rest of the tournament, Rob Brady, in the Platinum Pairs and thinking, “I have no idea what is going on here.”

Greg kindly invited me to afree dinner one evening. It was billed as a brainstorming session, entitled, “How do we get more young people interested in learning bridge?” While listening to one of the speakers, I felt I could help be a part of the solution to this challenge.

The day I came to Memphis also happened to be my last day working atQuantitative Investment Management. My former boss, Jaffray Woodriff, asked me to speak about my future plans at my goodbye lunch. I stated that I wanted to become a scratch golfer anddo something more with bridge.

In Memphis, Greg roomed with Adam Kaplan, whom I knew of through his presence here on Bridge Winners. One evening, between sessions, Adam, Greg and I were together in their hotel room discussing hands from that afternoon’s play. Adam knew so much more about bridge and game theory than I did and I loved how he needled Greg.

When I returned home, two friends invited me to dinner as a thank you for having contributed to their Kickstarter campaign. One of the first things that my friend Jeremy Goldsteinsaid to me was, “We think you are the only person we know that plays bridge.” That reminded me of something I had heard at the brainstorming session along the lines of, “The average age of an ACBL member is 67 years old and the average age is going up by two years every year.”

In response to my having shared this, Jeremy responded, “That sounds like an idea for a documentary movie,” and thus was what on to become Double Dummy conceived.

After dinner I called Gavin Wolpert, who I considered to be the most plugged-in bridge player that I knew reasonably well. I specifically called him to ask if there had ever been a documentary movie made about bridge. We must have sounded like an Abbott and Costelloroutine, as he could not believe I was serious. After five minutes of this back and forth, Gavin shared that a film crew had followed him around for two years.In the Cardsstarred Gavin and his junior partner Vince Demuy and detailed their journey as they broke into professional bridge.

Undeterred, Derek Sieg, Jeremy, and I started planning to make our own bridge documentary. When I told the two of them about my experiences with Adam, we quickly decided to focus the production around him and the team of juniors on which he would be playing in that summer’s World Youth Team Championships.

We have already hadone young persontake up the game in response to seeing Double Dummy and many others are interested in learning bridge after seeing the film or watching the trailer.

The film is available forstreaming and download. To you, the reader, I make the following request: if you know someone that is curious about your love for bridge, please consider watching Double Dummy and sharing the film with that friend. If you believe in the film and our mission to introduce bridge to a new generation of players, please consider taking part in Double Dummy Day.

Double Dummy Day is this upcoming October 2nd. I am committed to making this a day that will be a win for all of those in the bridge community that choose to take part. Here’s the idea: through our partnership with Tugg,hosting a screeningin a movie theater in your city or town is just a few mouse clicks away.

What if every bridge club, bridge teacher, and bridge player collectively got together and decided, on this day, that we are going to invite to a film screening all of our non-bridge friends whom we think might want to learn more about the game? What if the clubs and teachers got together and agreed to roll out the red carpet for these prospective players, organized greetings in the theater lobby, mentor programs and classes for novices. How might the bridge community look different a year from now?

The goal ofDouble Dummyis to create an accessible medium to showcase how young people are playing bridge, where it can take you, and the fun that can be had.It is our job, as active participants of the bridge community, to cultivate the next generation.On October 2, let’s all make an effort to share this game that means so much to us, with someone less familiar. Please let me know if you have any questions about hosting a screening!

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