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Double elimination KO 16 teams ---options when you have 5 teams left ?

after round-----0-----1-----2-----3-----4-----5

didnt lose------16----8----4-----2-----1

lost once--------0----8-----8-----6-----4



So after the 4th round you have one undefeated team (W1) and 4 teams with one defeat (L1,L2,L3,L4)


1- You can give a bye to the undefeated team but you are going to endup with a 3 way for the last round.

2- you can make a one winner three-way (2 teams get eliminated with this 3-way) right now and the best scoring of the L1,L2...(with one defeat) play heads up (HU) against the undefeated team but pay a handicap (around 6-10 imps for 24 boards) to W1. On the last round you have a regular HU KO.

3- Hidden auction by bidding on a handicap to play HU instead of the threeway.

Ex, L1 bid 6, L2 2 bid 7 L3 bid 10 and L4 bid 9.

So L3 give a 10 imps handicap to the undefeated team but go play HU rather than in the one winner threeway.

4- Three way in the bottom (eliminate 2 teams) and the undefeated play head up but got a right to a 8 boards mulligan (play another match of 8 boards) if they lose. If W1 win in round 5 he can keep the mulligan for the last round.

5- W1 vs L1 play a truncated match wich duplicate a 3-way. Instead of playing 24 boards you play 12 if W1 win they go up and L1 is eliminated, if L1 win they play another decisive 12 boards against W1. So to stay alive L1 need to win 12+12 exactly like if it were in the 3-way.

any ideas for other solutions ?

I personally dont like the bye because i like to play as much as i can and 3-ways dont bother me. Im pretty sure the directors wont enjoy the mulligans since the session will finish later.







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