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Double Room at Sheraton Memphis

Mr. Jay Whipple (outgoing ACBL President), Mr. Russ Jones (incoming ACBL President, Mr. Jack Jones (ACBL Executive Director);


The ACBL did this right, E-mailing the room reservation offer for the Memphis NABC on 11/15/2018, and I appreciate the ease with which I reserved a double room immediately adjacent to the playing site.  Kudos!


However, the ACBL mishandled, and attempted to keep secret, a private agreement to readmit a convicted, collusive cheater.  This is intolerable; I fear that "diamonds won't be splitting" during the entire Memphis NABC.  As one of many who have been affected by collusive cheating, I decline to support, or be any part of, accepting such persons without complete public allocution, the strong support of their peers, and lifetime oversight and probation.


I would refuse to play against Mr. Lanzarotti if that were to occur, and so have made the decision to forgo the Memphis NABC.  I encourage others, who make the same decision happily to stay home, to make it known that their absence was a direct result of the League's readmission of Mr. Lanzarotti.


I must commit to no refund of my deposit with the Sheraton Memphis on or before January 8, 2019.  Thus, I offer this room to a person who will both agree, by posting here, to refuse to play against Mr. Lanzarotti (admittedly an unenforceable "contract"), and who will PayPal me funds on or before January 7 to receive the transfer of the room, or designation of that person as "roommate", however the hotel policy works.


If there are multiple people who request my reservation and agree to eschew playing against Mr. Lanzarotti, I will draw a name at random the first weekend of January.


Happy New Year 2019 to All, Gary

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