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Doubles, takeout or penalty?

I am interested in hearing how people define what all their doubles mean, specifically which are takeout and which are penalty, in the context of a vanilla 2/1 GF system. I am looking for something exhaustive that will cover ALL auctions (there can be exceptions for conventional doubles like 1N (2) X as Stayman, but I am trying to not have any auction uncovered where the notes don't tell you what a double is).

I am most interested in hearing from people who have this kind of thing defined in system notes, not something just pulled from thin air. I also am definitely not interested in anything like "common sense" or "penalty if their auction was stupid", I want hard definitions based on the auction.

I don't mind something like "always takeout except for these exceptions which are penalty", but it doesn't have to be that way, it can be any way you have it defined. Also I realize there are gradations of double in between takeout and penalty, cooperative or DSIP or blah blah, whatever you have is fine.

If someone has something but they are only willing to share privately, that is fine with me.


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