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Dummy's LHO mishears "8" or "ace"

Declarer leads from his hand with an ace and an 8 in dummy in that suit.

Declarer's RHO does not hear correctly whether "8" or "ace" is called, resulting in either

 1.  RHO playing his king under dummy's ace when not intended thinking the "8" was called, or

2.  RHO playing a very low card and letting the "8" win when he thought the ace was called,

Assume dummy was a little slow pulling the card from dummy and declarer's RHO played his card just before dummy would have pulled the called card.

(Note - dummy did not pull the card NOT called by declarer - that would be a different situation.)

Does declarer's RHO have to live with his "error"?

Is his only good option in this situation is to wait until dummy pulls the card from dummy before making his play?

I have checked the laws and ACBL Duplicate Decisions and did not find clear information on this issue.

Please feel free to make comments on your opinions and any references you are aware of.



Declarer's RHO has to live with his play no matter what
There is some dependence on how exactly declarer called the "8" or "ace" from dummy
Dummy's delay in pulling the called card was a primary factor
Other (including a combination of the above)

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