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Duplimate Mark IV (Sorter?) vs PlayBridgeDealer4 (Plus?)

This question has been asked before, but I'm still in a quandary.  Our Unit, which has perhaps 7 small games a week (3 to 6 tables) wishes to buy a dealing machine so we can play in the Common Game (and for other reasons as well).  There is the Duplimate Mark IV, the Duplimate Sorter, the PlayBridgeDealer4, and the PlayBridge4 Plus Dealing Machine.

       Cost is an issue, but I suspect our main interest is to select the most reliable, maintainable, and easy to use machine that is main stream for ACBL Clubs.

       Is there anyone out there who has an opinion based upon experience with more than one kind of machine?  What are most people recommending?  Any advice as to which product is better would be appreciated.


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