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Dwyer-Tulin Win IMP Pairs

The Lebhar IMP Pairs were won by Kevin Dwyer and Stan Tulin, who also won the last NABC+ event they entered, the Three-Day Swiss in Denver, 2.04 IMPs ahead of Curtis Cheek and Arthur Crystal. Third were Wolfe Thompson and Marc Zwerling.

The top 10 in the IMP Pairs:

1. Kevin Dwyer – Stan Tulin

2. Curtis Cheek – Arthur Crystal

3. Wolfe Thompson – Marc Zwerling

4. Victoria Muir – William Muir

5. Dan Fowler – Fred King

6. Tom Oppenheimer – Milton Zlatic

7. Tom Kniest – Richard Oshlag

8. George Jacobs – Claude Vogel

9. Roberto Barbosa – Adriano Rodrigues

10. John Brady – John Moschella

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