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E-Cigarette Impacts Vanderbilt

I will report this story as I understand the facts.  Since it's a compilation of input from several sources, one or more bits may be less that gospel on the matter.  If you are able to clarify or correct any part of this, please do so.


Patricia Cayne's team consisted of herself, Dano DeFalco, Benito Garozzo, Gabriella Olivieri and Jacqui Mitchell.   They were seeded 31.  


In the first round of play at some point, DeFalco had an  e-cigarette lying on the table.  He was not smoking it.A Director reportedly approached and issued a warning that the new rule against e-cigarettes in the playing area was being strictly enforced and to put it away.  He did not comply, and subsequently an IMP penalty to the entire team was assessed, changing their round one result  from a win to a loss,  and Patricia Cayne's team was finished in the event.


If the facts are as presented here, what do you think about the matter?

I do not know how many IMPs were assessed, but they wound up losing by 2 IMPs, so it's not as if they were having  a great first day in any case.  Does anyone know what the IMP penalty was?


Who is responsible for this team being out in the first round, given the circumstances?


Was this the ACBL's fault for penalizing an entire team for the irresponsible actions of one of its players, or does the blame for this loss lie with Defalco alone?


*Update:  Read comments before voting. More has come to light. 


ACBL is to blame.
DeFalco is to blame.
Neither is to blame.
Both are to blame.

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