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Eight Is Enough -- Seeking suggestions for rank definitions etc.

The Denver unit has just decided to run an Eight Is Enough game as a novelty game at our sectional. We're hoping that this will increase turnout and also foster new connections. My hope is that the lower-ranked players will be emboldened to seek out higher-ranked players.

I'm looking for suggestions on how best to define the masterpoint ranges/ranks. We're open to three, four, or five ranks, or whatever.

Our demographics:

0-50: 547

50-100: 90

100-LM: 95

LM: 76

Bronze LM (500): 142

Silver LM (1000): 91

Ruby LM (1500): 87

Gold LM (2500) 33

Sapphire LM (3500): 31

Diamond LM (5000): 20

Emerald LM (7500): 6

Platinum LM (10000): 9

Grand LM: 4


A lot of the 0-50 are people who aren't actively playing.

What has or has not worked for you, and why?

Also, do you allow players in the higher ranks to play with other higher-ranked players, or do they have to partner with a lower-ranked player? E.g., Could we have a pair of 3s and a pair of 1s, or does it have to be two 3-1s?

Any other suggestions? Marketing and publicity? Special awards?

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