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Electronic Smoking Devices

A little one liner has been added to ACBL's smoking policy. It lumps electronic cigarettes (ECs) in with cigarettes, cigars and pipes. It prohibits the use of ECs everywhere that the hotel, convention center, etc. would prohibit cigarettes,etc. Technically, the prohibition extends to your hotel room if you can't smoke cigarettes there.

Yes, ECs are electronic, as are electronic watches. Yes, ECs emit something into the air - odorless water vapor.

A fan of privacy and a not a fan of big government, I think ACBL has stuck their nose in where there is indeed no smell. What do you think?



Keep policy as is. ACBL should dictate use of ECs outside the playing area.
Amend policy to prohibit use in the playing room only.
Amend policy to prohibit use while playing, but allow it, for example, while waiting for new opponents.
Scrap the whole "amendment" and allow ECs to be used responsibly at the table.

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