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Elementary bridge question

Ok no complicated bidding sequence. The opponents are quiet, you are playing 2/1 with a strong NT, no Walsh. If you're playing Walsh and hate Yellanybody who doesn't, assume the first bid was 1 instead of 1.

1 - 1


(or any analagous version ending up in 1NT).


Does/should/could 1NT deny/show a singleton?

Is your answer different over 1 1 1NT?

Is your answer different playing weak NT's?

As always, the poll results are less important than the thought-process, so please comment why you think as you do.

1NT 100% denies a singleton -- (e.g. I open those 3=1=4=5 hands 1. Or I rebid my good 5 card suit)
1NT usually denies a singleton, but with 3=1=4=5 this is the least lie.
1NT tends to deny a singleton but I'm nonplussed one way or the other.
1NT denies fit. I nearly always raise partner on 3. So I have to have 1 or 2 pieces (or zero!) or am flat 4=3=3=3
This is a stupid question, Yuan. Who bothers with this stuff?

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