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English please - or not?

Just a simple comment - well now that I have finished writing, not as simple as I thought :-)

English has been the official language at ACBL and WBF events for at least 30 years. The 78 year old Pope learned and practiced English - his fourth language before visiting our country out of respect.

Why is it that some players from foreign countries that have been playing in these events for a very long time have not bothered to learn English? I consider that to be disrespectful.

Why have these top pairs played in ACBL events with Convention Cards playing their Polish Club or other systems for many years been allowed to show up with ACBL cards that are a messy scribble that can't be read and then they don't speak English so can't answer questions?

I finally got annoyed enough in the Blue Ribbon Pairs after being handed a scribble card and hearing "no English" I called the Director.

I did a happy dance when they were told they must have a legible card by the next round or they would be on the Yellow Card. They did Yellow Card for a few rounds.

I was also amused that they perfectly understood this English and rather quickly fixed their card.

Is it just me or do some of you other folks feel the same way?

Aren't WBF system notes that have to be handed in written in English?

I also find it amusing that the "two identical cards blah blah" is printed every single day in the DB at every single NABC yet no policing or enforcing ever occurs. If it truly doesn't matter ACBL should stop these notices.

There are some like my husband who think CC's are a joke. And the late Dave Treadwell who always said "it's just bridge mister" and another dear friend Bobby Goldman who said "I will never fill out a CC" (his partners always gave him one but it always ended up a crumpled mess in his back pocket) Just to friendly poke him a bit I would ask to see his card. :-)

Then there are very diligent players. A pair that comes to mind are JoAnne and Danny Sprung. They have 3 completely different cards that they spent a fair amount of time constructing because of the different "charts" that apply in different events.

This should be an easy straightforward thing to fix if fixing it is right.

If I were told that to play in Spain I needed to speak Spanish I would not go there because I don't speak Spanish. OTHO I could get by with my French if I were in France :-)

Just sayin . . . .

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