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Ethical conundrum
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Multi-part question. Opinions welcome -- not just about the specific questions!

Playing a sound opening style you pass in first seat at favorable vulnerability with





If you prefer you can take over the hand from someone who passed then fell ill.

Partner opens 1 and you respond 2 natural and partner rebids 2. Now RHO emerges with an unusual 2NT. You pass and you hear 3 to your left, 3 from partner. Your call?

If you pass, LHO doubles and this is passed back to you. Your bid?

When you've contemplated this question, please advance to the next page!

Once you've decided that, how would you feel I (or the person who held the hand) should act when partner explains your 2 as four-card Drury?

When you've decided on the answer to that, please advance to the next page!

Assuming a director is called, how would you expect him to rule?

If there was one professional at the table, and three 'amateurs' would you expect the ruling to be different depending on

A) what the partnerships real agreement is?

B) Where the pro was sitting?


And finally: what is an equitable ruling -- and does it matter whether this is a club game or a serious one?



When I see a few opinions I'll fill in a few blanks.

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