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Ethical query

So I'm still confused with what is the right procedure.

Here's a not-so-complicated hand you pick up at pairs.

AJT9xxx Axx xx x

Whether you agree with the bid or not, it proceeded

1 - 2

2 >alert<

Woops you thought 2 was natural (5+ "normal" minimum response), but your agreement is that it shows a minimum opening hand with exactly 5 pieces (you now have UI). 2NT would have shown a hand with 6+.

Trying to ignore the UI (no matter how the auction proceeded, this appears to be a hand that's going to play in spades and only spades)the auction proceeds

1 - 2

2 - 2NT

3 - 3NT

4 - tank (naturally) and pass.

I described our actual agreement before the lead, but did not say that I had forgotten the agreement at the time of the alert (I'm still supposed to be asleep to the alert right?). Looking back this seems fishy, and I was not happy with myself.

The question: when should the director have been called? Should this have been rolled back to someNT contract? What are the ethical implications? Am I allowed to keep bidding spades?

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