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European Champs - entry (commitment, and photos)
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Those entering the European Championships might like a heads-up on the entry requirements.

There is a commitment form you need to sign, and detailed instructions on photos they need from you - before 31st May.

For convenience, the commitment form is on later pages of this article,

EUROPEAN BRIDGE LEAGUEA ZONAL CONFERENCE OF THE WORLD BRIDGE FEDERATIONInternational Sport Federation (IF) recognized by the International Olympic CommitteeHeadquarters: Maison du Sport International – 54 av. de Rhodanie – 1007 Lausanne –SwitzerlandCOMPETITOR’S COMMITMENTFirst Name: ___________________________________________________________________________Family name: _________________________________________________________________________Address: _____________________________________________________________________________NBO and EBL Code No: _________________________________________________________________Gender: _____________________________________________________________________________Date of Birth: _________________________________________________________________________I wish to play in European Bridge League ("EBL") eventsIf a minor, name and address of the legal guardian(s) and date of birth:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

1. I agree and commit myself to participate in such EBL events that I apply to play in and/or that I amnominated by others to play in and to compete with respect for the EBL rules and fair play.

2. I am aware that the EBL events are governed by the Laws of Bridge, the Conditions of Contest, the EBLDisciplinary Code and all other Rules & Regulations of the EBL and I undertake to comply with such rules,all of which are fully known to me, and/or any amendment of, or addition to, the same that is publishedon the official website of the EBL.

3. I therefore agree to be submitted to such rules, regulations, and procedures to the jurisdiction of thebodies and persons that are in charge of applying them. After the exhaustion of internal remedies withinthe EBL system, I acknowledge that the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Lausanne, Switzerland) hasultimate jurisdiction for all disputes in connection with the EBL events and agree that recourse to theordinary courts of law is prohibited.

4. I undertake to behave properly under all circumstances and contribute in all aspects to the good image ofthe EBL events and of the hosts of such events.

5. Through my participation in the EBL events I commit to promote the celebration of bridge in aninternational community with respect for cultures and customs from all over the world.

6. I agree that I will abstain from all public display of political actions, statements or comments within anyEBL event and acknowledge that the EBL will not, without limitation, be responsible for any political,financial or other sanctions that any local or national authorities may impose on me.

7. I accept that EBL has the final authority to exclude me from its events in cases of non‐compliance withthis commitment (including any applicable EBL rules and regulations) or in cases of misconduct, themeaning of which shall take into account local customs and traditions.

8. I confirm that I have not received any information including, without limitation, advice by a physician oranother person that my health might be negatively affected or that my level of fitness may not besufficient to participate in any EBL event.

9. I agree that I will be personally responsible for any damage that I may cause to persons or property andthat I will be liable for indemnifying such damage. Therefore I accept that EBL (including its members,directors, officers, employers, staff operators, volunteers, contractors or agents) shall not be liable underany circumstances in connection with any damage that I may cause during any EBL event.

10. I accept and agree that if I participate in any EBL event it shall be at my own expense except for suchcosts as EBL, the Host City, and/or any other party explicitly accepts to bear.

11. In particular and without limitation to the foregoing, I accept that all the expenses concerning the travelto the Host City and back and all the costs of my stay, including accommodation, meals, transfers etc. arenot in the responsibility or at charge of EBL or the host.

12. I agree to follow the regulation in the General Conditions of Contest or Supplemental Conditions ofContest for each particular event in which I participate concerning the use and possession in the playingarea of electronic devices (for example mobile phones, pagers, smart phones, pocket computers etc). Iaccept and agree to be inspected in order to ensure compliance with the present clause.

13. I accept and agree not to smoke or to consume alcoholic beverages at the competition venue, except insuch areas where smoking or consuming alcoholic beverages might be explicitly allowed and in such caseonly after the end of the segment, match or game in which I am participating.

14. I accept to be subject to the anti‐doping rules of the WORLD BRIDGE FEDERATION (WBF). In particular Iaccept to submit to doping control by or at the request of WBF or EBL and I accept consequences andsanctions as well as the jurisdiction of WBF and EBL and of the Court of Arbitration for Sports as providedfor in the anti‐doping rules of WBF which I can consult on

15. I agree to be photographed, filmed, identified and otherwise recorded during any EBL event, both duringand outside the competitions. I accept that such photos, films, footage and other recordings may bepublished and broadcast worldwide by any means (TV, internet etc.) and may be used by EBL and thehost for non‐commercial promotion purposes at no cost to EBL or the host. I agree that such photos,films, footage and other recordings may be used for any investigatory and evidential purposes inconnection with any disciplinary enquiries.

16. I accept that such photos, films, footage and other recordings may also be used by EBL post‐event forpromotional and editorial purposes related to future EBL events.

17. I will not participate in, nor support betting related to EBL events and understand that all forms ofpromotion of betting related to such events are prohibited.

18. I agree that any dispute not to be adjudicated in application of specific procedures provided for by EBLbut which arise between myself and EBL and/or Host Member Federation and/or the ChampionshipOrganising Committee and/or their respective members, directors, officers, staff operators, employeesand volunteers, including but not limited to claims for damages of either party against the other arisingout of occurrences (acts or omissions) linked with my participation to a EBL event shall be governed bySwiss Law and exclusively settled by arbitration before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) inLausanne, in accordance with the CAS rules then in effect.

19. I am aware and I agree that my participation in any EBL event is conditional upon my valid acceptance ofand my compliance with each and all the provisions of this document. I acknowledge that if there is fromtime to time any contradiction or inconsistency between this declaration (on the one hand) and the EBLStatutes and Rules and Regulations (on the other), the latter will prevail.

20.In addition, I accept the conditions of the WADA Athlete Consent form detailed below:As a member of the EBL and/or a participant in an event authorized or recognized by the EBL, I hereby declare as follows:

(a) I acknowledge that I am bound by, and confirm that I shall comply with, all of the provisions ofthe WBF Anti‐Doping Rules (as amended from time to time), the World Anti‐Doping Code(the “Code”) and the International Standards issued by the World Anti‐Doping Agency,as amended from time to time, and published on WADA’s website.

(b) I consent and agree to the creation of my profile in the WADA Doping Control Clearing House(“ADAMS”), as requested under the Code to which WBF is a Signatory, and/or any other authorizedNational Anti‐Doping Organization’s similar system for the sharing of information, and to the entryon my Doping Control, Whereabouts and Therapeutic Use Exemptions related data in such systems.

(c) I acknowledge the authority of EBL under the WBF Anti‐Doping Rules to enforce, to manageresults under, and to impose sanctions in accordance with the WBF Anti‐Doping Rules.

(d) I acknowledge and agree that any dispute arising out of a decision made pursuant to the WBFAnti‐Doping Rules, after exhaustion of the process expressly provided for in the WBF Anti‐Doping Rules, may be appealed exclusively as provided in Article 13 of the WBF Anti‐Doping Rulesto an appellate body for final and binding arbitration, which in the case of International‐LevelAthletes is the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

(e) I acknowledge and agree that the decisions of the arbitral appellate body referenced above shall befinal and enforceable, and that I will not bring any claim, arbitration, lawsuit or litigation in anyother court or tribunal.


21. I have read and understand the present declaration and wish to be bound by its contents._________________________________Date___________________________Signature (or, if a minor, signature of legal guardian and minor)

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