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My District has finally dispensed with ‘Senior Events’ on the schedule because it seemed awfully unfair to disqualify Grue, Kranyak and maybe a couple other people from playing.  (As a side note, you guys will be there faster than you think:  However, we still have the ACBL’s latest concoction on the schedule: “The Golden Opportunity Pairs”.  

As you can see by our schedule we have this event polluting the schedule not once, not twice, but three times - Thursday, Friday & Saturday.  My opinion of TGOP is very unfavorable,  I believe that fragmenting the schedule discourages more experienced players from participating.  The other events become smaller and now scheduling main events at both 10/3 & 1/7 is not really possible.

In the long term, allowing players to gain gold points without also acquiring the requisite experience and skills to play in open events will simply diminish attendance as people attain their LM badge and have no further reason to participate in events that they have not learned how to compete in.  The aye-sayers will argue "this is what they want".  Children like candy, staying up all night and not doing homework.  Ultimately, I think we need to act in what is in everyone's interest and the interest of 'the game'. 

However, the survey is about what you think.  On a scale of 1 to 5 rate your opinion of TGOP. 1 is most unfavorable, 3 is neutral and 5 is most favorable. 

Comments welcome.  Maybe I just do not appreciate the subtle brilliance of our schedule.


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