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Extremely Happy Not to Play in the Bermuda Bowl!

For the first time in my life I´m happy not participating in the Bermuda Bowl. Really an easy decision, but knowing how badly Pierre Zimmermann wanted to play in the BB, it still must have been tough on him and Jean Charles Allavena.

Some people have wondered why Tor and I did not make any comments earlier. The reason why is that after I made a short comment to a Norwegian blog (not quite correctly recited,btw) we were asked to wait for the official statement to say any more. Another reason is that I usually go quiet when I've got nothing to add to the conversation.

It's very sad to read comments about us saying we must have known they were cheating. This is absolutely not true, and I guess we as teammates would have heard fewerrumors than anyone else. Some of the last players to team up with F-N before we formed the Monaco team are all players I like, trust, and respect, including Sontag-Berkowitz, Struhl-Becker, and, incidentally,Brogeland. None of them said they suspected anything.

I have supported Brogeland all the way, both before and after the news about F-N, and I have never been happier about matches being videotaped than right now.

Finally, I would like to say to the whole team of hardworking cheatbusters: Keep up the good work so we can play this great game on equal terms.

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