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Failed attempt for a doubled overtrick

Some time ago there was a dispute on my German Premier League Team about one of our players declaring a doubled contract of 3NT which was cold for nine tricks at some point. When he tried for an overtrick he went one down. While comparing scores and with the luckless declarer defending his line of play as "heavily odds on" one of the other players called his attempt and attitude irresponsible. Since then the friendship between these two is somewhat cloudy.

I'm generally interested in opinions about risking doubled contracts trying for an overtrick.

The question only arises when playing teams.

Please select up to 4 choices.

One should always try for a maximum of tricks to increase the score even if this means taking some risk.
One should always play safe and ensure making the contract.
Depends on specific factors (for instance how likely declarer thinks it is to go down)
Other (please specify)

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