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Fantasy Bridge Camp, a modest proposal

I know some people who have attended Fantasy Baseball Camps.  Perhaps some reading this have attended those camps or know more about it than I do. These are week long camps run by Major League teams wherein the campers take batting and infield practice, have team meetings, and play several games.  

The manager and coaches of the Major League team manage the teams, and several former players attend and play in the games with the campers.  If you were a sub on your college baseball team, or a stick ball player from the Bronx, it gives you a chance to live your fantasy of playing in the Major Leagues.  These camps are apparently very popular.  The Twins web site says they sell out every year.  A chance to try and hit Bert Blyleven's curve or strike out Harmon Killebrew seems to be very appealing.

These camps are not cheap.  The Arizona Diamondbacks web site says their camp costs $4,000.  This includes hotel room and breakfast and lunch, uniforms, and other things listed in the ad.  The schedule on the Diamondbacks web site shows several games and an awards banquet.

My modest proposal is that some company, organization, or business person organize a Fantasy Bridge Camp.  You could have a training session, and then have a Fantasy Bermuda Bowl, a Fantasy Spingold, etc.   Each team would have a professional and five campers.  There would be coaches and captains and directors.  

This might be a funding vehicle for Bridge Winners.  It might be a subsidiary of BBO.  It just occurred to me that if it works for Babeball, why wouldn't it work for Bridge?  A limitation on the Baseball camps is that you have to be physically able to catch, throw, swing a bat, and run the bases.  That limits to pool of possible customers.  That would not apply to Bridge.  I see the Baseball camps are open to women, but few women attend.  That would not necessarily be the case in Bridge.

There are details to be worked out such as how to make the teams competitive, do you let partners play together or do you assign new partners for each session, and other details outside the scope of this preliminary proposal.

Are there problems.  Of course.  There is the 2000 pound gorilla in the room.  The ACBL.  I would think that you would try and remain cordial with that bureaucracy, but if you want to get started in less than two years, to keep separated from them.  There are legal issues as to who owns the name Spingold or Bermuda Bowl, and maybe you couldn't use those names.  You might have to use other names for the competitions. However, since you wouldn't be issuing master points this need not involve the ACBL.

Their  are also the business risks of starting and running a business.  Is there a market for a camp such as this?  I don't know, That is why I am putting the idea out for comment.  I am too old and tired to have any interest in doing anything more than making the proposal and standing back to see what, if anything, happens.










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