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Fantoni-Nunes NABC Wins

This list is unofficial, and based on a quick look through records on the ACBL website.  Corrections welcome. These are events that Fantoni-Nunes won playing together as a pair.

(Note: I believe their first major WBF success was winning the World Open Pairs in Montreal in 2002.)


2003 Jacoby Open Swiss Teams

2004 Wernher Open Pairs

2004 Mitchell Open BAM Teams

2005 NABC Open Swiss Teams (Roth)

2006 Kaplan Blue Ribbon Pairs

2007 Reisinger BAM Teams

[xx 2010 Vanderbilt KO Teams xx]  (correction. not won by Fantoni Nunes.)

2011 Spingold KO Teams

2012 Spingold KO Teams

2012 Reisinger BAM Teams

2013 Reisinger BAM Teams

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