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FFB statement (October 22nd)


Sorry if if it already somewhere else

On FFB's site since yesterday :

I tried to translate a part of it :

"The president of EBL, Yves Aubry, spoke during the laster federal counsel of FFB (October 16th and 17th) to discuss about the affairs that have recently shaken the bridge world. EBL has received formal inquiries from some NBO's to investigate on cheating allegations, regarding 4 pair,that were recently published and back up with 'prima facie' (= at first glance) proofs. The facts having been recorded during events organized by the EBL, it is EBL's task to lead the necessary investigations while preserving presumption of innocence and the rights of the stakeholders. To achieve this, EBL has appointed a committee from members of the Executive Committee Eric Laurant and Jan Kamras, and from the Discipline Commitee Jean Paul Meyer, alongside with a panel of players that represent expert players. The investigative committee has now for mission to gather all available proofs, then to bring them to the suspected pair that will in return be free to answer and present there own proofs of innocence. After a first screening of all these elemets, the investigative committee will transfer its conclusions to the Executive Committee, and if necessary to the discipline Committee. "


I stop the translation here and sum up the rest : EBL has finished the first part : the elements have been sent to the suspected pairs who now have to answer. That should be done around mi-November then EBL will decide what it sents to the Discipline Committee. FFB will then apply the decisions taken by EBL.

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