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Finishing that talk we had in Chicago...


When one's argument is weak (or non existing) and they know it, they will honorably either admit they are wrong or just shut up.  However, the honorable way is not everyone's way- the alternative may be to attack you personally: your actions, your way, your timing, your motives or just your blue eyes they dislike. Your untouched integrity is something they cannot grasp. But i can, and i am not the only one.  

All around history, one might spot that true justice is never done by organizations stained with crippling bureaucracy or politics.  but by single heroes who take upon themselves a true goal. As the great Socrates says In his famous defense speech: "The true champion of justice, if he intends to survive even for a short time, must necessarily confine himself to private life and leave politics alone" ("The Apology", Plato). Socrates loses his trial but his wisdom stays forever.  

So let's see what you did: Like many before, You made a mistake of believing in their honesty, However corrected yourself as fast and furious as you could ones you found out the truth. You took a broadly spoken conversation made mostly in the wrong form of gossip (or rumors) and placed everything "on the table". You did not wait for a due process, criticized by many for that, maybe because you learned that doing so in this case is futile.  In your clean motives, untouched integrity, and mainly impressive courage you inspired many who almost gave up. And you found proof. you lead a precious battle to clean our game. And for all of this, I am forever thankful.  




P.s much credit to Tonje and others who help you

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