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Firm Justice - No Matter the Person's "Status"

Usain Bolt, universally acclaimed as the greatest short distance runner of all time, and by far the best known, was stripped of his 2008 Olympic 4x100 Gold Medal today based on new tests which revealed that one of the teammates cheated (4 member teams sounds familiar; in this Event each teammate runs 100 meters of the race).



Jamaica's team was unceremoniously dethroned, and the Second, Third and Fourth place teams moved up.  Apparently the IOC (International Olympic Committee) insists on both the truth (retesting preserved samples taken at the time), and on definitive action.  This seems to be diametrically opposite thinking than the ACBL, which defers Hearings, allows massive publicity campaigns to be waged on behalf of stars of the game, gives credence to completely unverifiable "perfect decades long records". and has an unclear hierarchy where its Supreme Court (the EOC) may be dismissed in their entirety, and/or completely ignored by the business side, the BOD.



The IOC's mantra certainly appears to be "all are treated equally under the law".  Perhaps this Article could better have been titled "Even Handed Justice", its point being that when an Organization has rules, they are to be followed for everyone.  Should one disagree with the rules, they are still on the books and enforceable until change is effected.



As a model, in the US Government, there is a strict separation of powers guaranteed by the Constitution.  The Supreme Court cannot be challenged or overruled by anyone, and has lifetime appointments to prevent outside influence in controversial matters.  The President does not control Congress, nor does the Congress control the President.



Sadly, the ACBL, based on Jay Wipple's valiant, proactive E-mailing today of a proposed advertisement, requires a CEO who panders and coddles the BOD.  Some might say that, at times, the CEO can and does manipulate the BOD (I was on the BOD, as well as 4-year Chair of the BOG, and saw this at times).  Of course, the BOD apparently engages in its own manipulation(s), as happened in the early 1990's when the then President-Elect was convicted of cheating by the EOC.  That conviction was swiftly and completely whitewashed and all involved were purged by the then BOD.  The Appeals & Charges Committee of the BOD has been granted universal powers by the BOD to do whatever it wishes, without oversight (the full BOD is not permitted to vote or modify or overturn anything the A&C Committee does or doesn't do).  The seeming result is that we get punishments, far outside those dictated by the CDR's, which aren't really punishments at all.



Should we insist on a strong CEO and weaker BOD, or apparently keep the status quo?  IMHO, doing more of the same and expecting different results is the classic definition of insanity (the job description for the new CEO requires yet ***another*** 5-year strategic plan!).   The history of the ACBL is littered with "Strategic Plans" which were initially ballyhooed, and quickly ignored and either forgotten, or discarded, or both.



Should the EOC be returned to its original purpose, that of making final, unassailable decisions in important ethical matters?  Should we welcome becoming a League where attorneys dominate most proceedings, and common sense is discarded?



Today's NY Times Article:

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