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Fisher & Schwartz - The true story ·

These last few months have been extremely hard on us. The unsubstantiated and brutal lynch which was perpetrated against us, in Bridge forums, websites, in the media and in other places, with the usage of a false smear campaign and allegations regarding "cheating methods" has greatly damaged us – professionally, personally and financially.

Today (08/11/15) we have filed via Adv. Dror Arad-Ayalon, a legal and professional response, of over 400 pages, with an extensive elaboration of every single board and match – all of which is based on a detailed analysis which matches our game and calling method.

We are certain that every honest bridge player which will examine our rebuttal document, will immediately recognize the simple fact that there was no "code" or "method" and that all of our achievements were obtained by playing honest bridge as we have always played.

Our response to all of the false accusations against us was extensive, professional and categorically proves that the false accusations was an attempt by a group of international and Israeli rival players to damage us professionally.

The evidence that we have presented the ethics committee is unequivocal. There is NO "system" there is NO "code" - only incitement and lies. At the end of the day, many people will be forced to "eat their hats" and others will have to face the legal need to take responsibility for the damages they have inflicted upon us.

After receiving our rebuttal document, the ethics committee has decided to postpone today's hearing – so it can examine the material we have presented it with. We are certain that following its examination of our evidence, the only conclusion the bridge world and the committee can reach is that we are innocent of any wrong doing.

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