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Florida (D9) wins 2014 GNT-Open

The Grand National Teams is over, and we congratulate the winners of each flight:

Open: Florida (D9) defeats SF Bay Area (D21) 174-121.

Flight A:SF Bay Area (D21) defeats Kentucky/Ohio/Indiana (D11) 130-40 (wd after 3 quarters).

Flight B:Texas (D16) defeats Oregon/NorCal (D20) 156-126.

Flight C:SF Bay Area (D21) defeats Los Angeles (D23) 115-73.

Of special note is that the SF Bay Area won two championships, placed 2nd (in Open), and 3rd/4th (in B). Couple this with UC Berkeley winning the Collegiate Championships (over UNC) and it could be argued that the SF Bay Area has the strongest bridge scene from top to bottom in all of the country.

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