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Flying to Lyon? Be prepared. Flying out? Leave many hours or you may miss your flight

This is for anyone attending Lyon.

Anyone arriving from outside the Schengen zone can expect considerable delays at some of the busier airports in Europe.

UK citizens and all non-Europeans are outside the Schengen zone.

Lyon is notorious at the best of times. This is not the best of times.


The link below indicates delays of many hours while attempting to enter or leave Lyon.

Entering is fine in that you will not miss your plane although don't plan a quick exit from Lyon and onto the green baize.

For those flying out of Lyon there is a genuine danger of missing your flight if you don't allow many hours.

For those who have yet to book flights - Geneva seems to be running smoothly. Geneva to Lyon is 94 miles. How you do it is another issue. There is a good road and it takes 1 hour 40 minutes apparently. 

Those flying in for the Trans National teams for instance might want to factor this in.

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