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Follow-up to Raptor 1NT Explained

About 1,5 years ago Brian Bankler wrote an article about Raptor He also mentioned the downside: either Pass or Double with a strong NT, but did not offer a solution. I haven't found a solution in other sources either.

In this article I present my ideas.

The main reason for not doubling with a strong NT is that you have to bid 2N if partner makes a 2-level-bid. If you play a pure power-X you avoid this problem by using a Herbert negative.

Why not play Herbert negative over a "normal" t/o-X? That way you can bid 1N (or pass if the opening bid is 1) with a strong NT. The obvious disadvantage is that you play one level higher with a fit in the Herbert suit.

Doubler would bid the next higher suit wit the real t/o, other bids showing a power-X. An example: after (1)-X-(P)-1; (P) 1=t/o, 1N=SNT, higher=power-X.

If possible Advancer can bid a 4crd on the one-level in stead of Herbert, because Doubler can still bid 1N with SNT. That way Herbert would not only show a weak hand but also deny a 4crd which can be bid on the one-level.

Two-level bids up to and including a jump in the Herbert suit should show a weak hand with a 5crd suit which Doubler passes with t/o-X and SNT. Higher bids and the cue-bid are FG opposite a SNT.

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