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Follow ups to partner's 3NT overcall of their pre-empt

The opponents pre-empt and partner bids 3NT.  It could be a jump over their weak-two, or an overcall over their three-level opening or perhaps even a jump over a one-level opening bid.  Let's assume that 3NT is an offer to play

This is a very wide-ranging bid and partner might snake it home even when it's not the best strain.  Under what conditions would you push on, and how do you go about that?


Systems on. At least it's an agreement.
All bids natural, just like I was born.
4 clubs = some form of control ask; Suits = Natural
Q = some form of control ask; Suits = Natural.
Some other artificial agreement, perhaps that we play in other situations, like transfer lebensohl or multi-Landy (specify).
No agreement. I can't forget and it will always be partner's fault.

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