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Your club policy is 24 boards. You are expecting 6½ tables and plan to run an 8-round Hesitation Mitchell (bye-stand between 3 and 4, 7 EW goes to 7 NS then to 1 EW, last-round arrow switch at tables 1-6). It is starting time and one pair hasn't shown up and hasn't called. You leave table 7 vacant in case you wind up with only 6 tables. You start. After tables 1-6 have each played at least one board, the missing pair calls and can't make it, and no substitute is available.

Question: Is there a no-reshuffle solution available that does *not* require the boards to be re-sequenced? The snag in my doodlings is that with the new bye-stand, you have two bye-stands 3 tables apart. There are published Double Hesitation Mitchells that might be rotated that have the two bye-stands together or 2 tables apart, but none that I know of with the bye-stands *3* tables apart - nor do I know of such a ¾-Howell either. (Perhaps it is theoretically impossible without sharing?) Does anyone have a solution?

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