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For the Record

Just for the record, two important events took place in Europe in late February.

The European Winter Games was won by the Jim Mahaffey team (Brogeland, Lindquist, Zia, Rodwell) over Ventin (Palma, Hult, Wang, Nystrom).  Zia also finished second in Britain's prestigious Lederer, an eight-team invitational event.  First there was Israel (Migryv (she's Israeli, even if she has won WCs for the U.S. and has lived there for some years), with Barel, Lengy and Bareket.  The seemingly indestructible and irrepressible Zia was second, this time with Kitty Telscher, Nystrom (again), Bilde and Jansma. 

Kudos to all the winners.  Might I suggest that winners of all kinds of important  international events -- the bridge winners, so to speak -- be noted on Bridgewinners.   

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