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Forgive me, partner

Last night, I was playing Swiss (four 6-board match GNT qualifier using the Common Game boards pre-duplicated) with one of my favorite partners. We're not necessarily each other's BEST partners, but we're friends and have a good time together. It's not always about winning, after all. 



I, well, I'm trying to find a word for my actions. It's certainly not bid. No, that would imply some rationality. Let's say that, after some thought, I decided to COMMIT a 2 Stayman bid. Save your breath. I know it's a terrible bid. I knew it at the time. But it somehow FELT right. The opponents were kind enough to stay out of our auction.

Partner, inevitably, responded 2. In for a penny, in for the complete national debt of the U.S.A. And maybe the Greeks, too. I compounded my sin by perpetrating a 3 bid. (See above re: no defense or real excuse. I was tired. It was late. Both teams had already qualified for the later events, as that only takes 2 wins. I was possessed by the spirit of the rueful rabbit. Just take your pick of lame, useless attempts to explain it.)

Partner bid 3. Not discussed, but rationally, that should be 2 clubs (we have a way to show a spade splinter, so 3 should be a 5 card suit), 3 or fewer hearts, and therefore 4 or 5 diamonds. Or, perhaps, more likely, a cuebid in support of clubs. I was headed for a terrible, terrible score.

And I thought about it for a moment. And I remembered a line from one of the first Bridge World Master Solvers Club articles I read. I don't remember who made the comment, but it stuck with me.

"If this is the last hand for the partnership, pass. Conversely, if I pass, this might be the last hand for the partnership."

I pulled out a green card and, after I told the line and why I was laughing to the whole table, set down dummy.

Though 1NT CAN be made double dummy, at the other table, our teammates set 1NT 2 for +200. Partner held the damage to -100. 3 IMP gain. And everybody from both teams left last night remembering the line from the MSC. So to that anonymous expert Solver through time, thank you. You provided a serial bad bidder a moment of joy and inspiration.

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