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French carding agreements

I have recently moved from the US back to France and restarted playing bridge there. One of the most striking bridge differences I've noticed is a very different approach with respect to defensive carding. In the US, I believe it is near universal to give attitude on partner's leads and count on declarer's leads (in most situations — excluding e.g. specific honor leads asking for attitude or count, Smith, etc.). In France, all the (strong) partners I've played with insisted on nearly always giving count, putting a much bigger emphasis on reconstructing shapes as opposed to placing honors; attitude is only given in surprisingly specific cases (e.g., in suit contracts, on honor leads with three small in dummy, but not with two or four small(!)).

I know there's a small French community on this site :) so I'm looking for their input:

- Do you know of any good writeup of these attitude situations — if they are indeed standard in France?

- I find this style much more demanding (I always feel like I'm defending in the dark). Any advice, especially if you're used to both the American and the French carding styles?

Thanks in advance.

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