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Frivolous play ruling

Hi all,

Before I begin let me say that I am interested in a ruling based on the bridge law, I mean I need a legal basis. Law numbers and a reasoning that would link specific laws with the ruling. I am not interested in comments along the lines "you have to change the score because it is not right", "that would be a windfall", "these are just kids" or "I've never read the laws but I think..." and the like.

Polish U16 trials, board #19:

A pair in contention (current U13 European champions in pairs) is on the way to a slam. As you can see the slam makes although in order to bring the contract home most of the time declarer would have to guess the position in hearts and clubs. The winning line is far from obvious and probably inferior. Anyway at some point South bids Blackwood. Then West, the yougest player in the room bids... 7NT. Yes, it was West who bid 7NT, not North. He gets doubled and promptly goes thirteen down.

West is 10 years old but by no means an absolute beginner. At least he knows enough about bridge to be fully aware of what he did. His partnership wasn't doing well in the trials and he was pretty demoralized. This particular match was also not going well for East - West. On top of that West and North are not exactly very fond of each other and the fact the he was being clobbered by North (whom he hates) in this match led to a point where West apparently couldn't take it any more and had to let off some steam. It was of course completely ridiculous and illogical because the whole 7NT stunt was actually a huge boost to his opponent but emotions were running high and West couldn't think straight.

The score of 7NTx -13 was rolled back and an artificial adjusted score was assigned (+1.83 to North South). Now I don't have a problem with that in terms of "bridge justice" and as a bridge player I would actually want to see a result like this cancelled. But I'm interested in what the ruling should be based on the laws. Can we use L72 + L12A1 to do that? Or is it a stretch and we are forced to let the result stand?

Konrad Ciborowski

Kraków, Poland

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