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Gatlinburg 2018
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Only for those playing, or planning to play, in Gatlinburg.

All evening events start at 7pm. This is different than previous years. Make sure your partner knows as well.


Bracketed Swiss on Saturday & Sunday. New Fast Pairs on Friday and Saturday with later morning start times (10 am, 1:30) - 24 boards, 5 min/board. Two session morning/afternoon pair games Tue.–Thurs (9, 1pm)

Weather looks good (no rain forecast, but cold on Monday). 10 day forecast:

Entry fees are $11/person/session. Same as last year. Next year will be $12. Please bring $1 bills; exact change makes lines go quicker.

District 7 (D7) sells vouchers/coupons for credit card users. No Purple Pass (no credit card entries).

I talked to Pete Misslin, tournament chair. Hotel bookings are solid.

If you are only playing in pair events, nothing relevant below - no need to read further.

All KO events (morning, afternoon and dinner bell) will be started with Bridgescore+. Games will start about 2 minutes after last sale/correction. Please check your team masterpoints before close of sale. Team MPs are shown using the projector. Sales are on both sides of the wall. There are projectors on each side of the wall. Any discrepancy, see the TD entering the team MPs into the computer on your side of the wall. Same as previous years.

To reduce the KO entry lines; we are going to pre-sell KO entries to losing KO teams. If you lose in a big KO in the afternoon or evening, and have the same team for the next big KO, you can buy your entry early for the next day. There will be a TD taking entries for losing teams at the same table where winners report. We hope this will make buying entries easier.

To reduce the player errors with adding up four masterpoint totals, and for players that don't know their exact masterpoints for the tournament, the caddies will be passing out completed team registration sheets during the KO (after the TDs have had time to enter ACBL player numbers). These sheets will contain the names of all players on your team, each player's masterpoint total, and the team's masterpoint total. There will also be a unique team identifier (TID) number on the sheet. You will need to bring this sheet with you if buying early entries. We enter the 5 or 6 digit TID in the computer, and we have all of your player information for the next event. We will print you an entry form for the next event. Keep the TID form for use in KO entries all week.

In 2016, there were 153 (7%) team MP corrections after the sale; in 2017 there were 71 (4%) team MP corrections after the sale. In 2016, there were 33 corrections AFTER the game was supposed to start; last year there were 9 team MP corrections after the game was supposed to start. We want to reduce these numbers to close to 0. If you notice an error in the posted MPs, please contact the TD entering the MP totals into the computer. It is much easier for us to correct an error before the event has started. For each correction after the sale, we have to re-bracket, re-table all entries. We want the games to start on time as much as you do. We post assignments about 1-3 minutes after the last sale/correction (it takes about 1-2 minutes to print hard copy before we post assignments on the projector)

For pre-pre-registration - and to make the first Monday sale/start go more efficiently - if you have a KO team and know all players ACBL numbers, PM me these ACBL numbers. I will pre-register your team. I will stop taking pre-registrations about 11am on Monday. If you pre-register through this process, then I will have your printed registration form to the side of the KO sales tables. Come find me Monday morning (I will be behind the TD table), I will give you a sheet with your player names/numbers. Note: I don't get the exact player MP numbers until Monday morning so I won't know your total until then.

Bracketed Swiss events will also be started with Bridgescore+. Same process as above.

The Tue-Wed and Thu-Fri morning Swiss will be run using Bridgescore+. Morning Swiss are AX (0-5000, 5000+), BC (1500, 3000) and Gold Rush (300/750). There are 3 separate Swiss events. There is also a Compact KO at the same time. If you play in the Swiss events, then these will be run using the projectors. All assignments will be on the projector, the leader board will also be on the projector. No rack, no Jeffrey's Chart. Report your scores are normal - with one exception. When you bring the result to the TD table, come with the other team captain. We will have computers for you to enter your result (there will be TDs to help for the first round). Drop off the paper result at the same time. With Bridgescore+, everything is automatic. New assignments will be posted on the projector.

We ran some Swiss/KOs with Bridgemates using Bridgescore+ in Gatinburg two years ago. Although I would like to see all Swiss/KOs run this way, along with pre-duplicated boards and hand records afterwards, this year we won't be running any Swiss/KO with Bridgemates. Maybe next year.

See you in Gatlinburg!

For those interested, here's the announcement for 2016: this has more details on how pre-registration/pre sales works if you are interested.

Bridgescore+ status reports on previous Gatlinburgs are at: (2017) (2016)

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